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Our services cover the full spectrum of HR activity, so you can count on us to the maximum in any issue involving human resources. For our clients, we want to be not just one of many suppliers, but a supportive, strategic partner they can turn to if they need a fast and professional solution.


We mainly focus on technology, engineering, logistics, finance, accounting and office support but practically we can help with all forms of intellectual and executive recruitment.

Service process:

  1. Preparing recruitment
    Checking the job and related background information
  2. Recruitment
    Databases, direct contact, advertisements, campaigns
  3. Selection
    Telephone or personal interviews; assessments
  4. Managing the candidate’s application
    Introducing the potential candidates, providing continuous information flow
  5. Guarantee
    Repeating the search if the candidate quits during the trial period

Temporary staffing

Similarly to our recruitment service, we first search the suitable candidates, adopt them into our own staff, then complete all the employment-related administrative and financial tasks for you.

We also provide continuous temporary staffing from a few months up to several years, however, only for employees who are highly qualified or have at least secondary education.

A great solution if

  • the company does not have enough employees but the owners do now allow any staff increase,
  • the volume of increased production or service cannot be expected in the long run,
  • a woman on maternity leave must be substituted,
  • the company does not have proper HR support for recruiting, employment and labour administration.

Executive search

We offer this service to search and recruit top managers and executives and hard-to-access specialists whereby we typically find the best candidate through a network of contacts or headhunters. Of course, the search is carried out confidentially, with utmost discretion.

Service process:

  • Needs analysis - checking the expectations
  • Defining the target group, the competitors and the relevant companies
  • Direct search in all communication channels
  • Introducing the profile of the relevant candidates to the Client
  • Contacting the candidates selected by the Client, informing them about the job
  • Organizing consultant interviews with the interested candidates
  • Making assessments of the suitable candidates and forwarding them to the Client
  • Organizing interviews for the candidates with the Client
  • Providing continuous information flow, process management, feedback and notifications
  • Making an agreement with the selected candidate, notifying the others

Academy, Organization development

We are partners in successful development

Our training provides up-to-date methods and skills that can be applied in practice right away.
Our corporate competence development is extensive and well-structured: ranging from surveying the individual and group competence level, through working out the development plan up to planning, organizing and implementing training based on the real needs.
Our training schemes cover the areas of IT, HR, labour, taxation, financial and soft skills. We organize corporate and open training sessions, professional presentations and seminars for our current and future clients in form of on-line and classroom training.
Apart from competence development, we are also a reliable partner to our clients in several areas of organization development, e.g. organization diagnostics, process developments, restructuring, cultural change and defining corporate values.
Our excellent instructors, lecturers, professionals and our practice-oriented methodology guarantee our clients’ successful development.

Our services:

  • Organization development
  • IT training
  • Soft skill training
  • HR consultancy
  • HR & Labour training
  • Taxation & Financial training

Nova Data Protection and Labour Consultancy

Labour audit and monitoring

We assess labour risks based on the aspects and the methodology of labour inspections. We explore the critical points of labour operations by reviewing labour activities on an itemized and random basis.

Service of labour affairs

We make proposals for terminating the deficiencies explored upon the labour audit and rectify unsuitable labour practice.

Labour consultancy

Permanent labour consultancy: We provide regular professional supervision and consultant support on the phone, via e-mail and personally.

Ad hoc labour consultancy: We provide consultant support to labour problems and labour-related crisis situations.

Sessions preparing for labour audit

The goal of the sessions is to make executives and medium-level managers able to manage the legal risk of certain labour-related decisions and actions.

Digi HR

We are unique in the market in providing joint HR and IT skills for fast and effective, digitalized HR transfer.

We are partner to our clients in successful digital HR and training management transfer.
The Nova DIGI HR team not only provides its clients with software and with a framework system but also helps to find and to introduce the solution that best matches the company’s organizational culture, challenges and opportunities. If needed, we not only pass on the digital solution to our client but also provide a professional to the whole, or a part of the preparatory work, developments and data processing.
We always set up our implementation team in compliance with our clients’ needs and necessities.
Our team covers four main expert groups:

  • professionals and business analysts representing all areas at the HR and training departments
  • consultants who know and supply labour, HR and training management solutions
  • professionals dealing with HR master data management set-up, data cleaning and data usage,
  • software development, test and implementation team