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Academy, Organization development

We provide up-to-date methods and skills in IT, HR, labour, taxation, finance and soft skills that can be applied in practice right away.

Organization development

What is organization development for us? – To make the change permanent, measurable and visible!

This is where we support the organization, whereby importance is laid on effective change management, development and cooperation among the colleagues. Organizations are complex systems where the system elements interact with each other. Harmonized operation results in efficiency, good cooperation and success. The business strategy, the organizational structure and hierarchy, the production technologies, the IT systems and processes represent the hard part of the organization. The soft elements are the colleagues who work there, together with their expertise, the organizational skills, the typical management and cooperation style, the common values and the organizational culture. Being the partner of practical knowledge, we support your organization in effective development and change management.

  • Organization diagnostics systematization and assessment, planning the development points

  • Development organization, process, management and competence development, coaching

IT training

Training for professional IT experts at beginner and advanced levels.

Organizing training with full-scale services: by working out the training materials, by providing excellent lecturers, with a training venue

  • IT Academy Organizing full-scale IT training for companies. Java, Angular, Frontend, Test automation, .net and other courses

  • IT Training consultation Planning educational portfolios for companies

  • Opportunity for career change – Marketable development training for people starting or changing their career

  • Agile methodological training programmes

Soft skills training

Our training portfolio designed for organizations and individuals provides practice-oriented skills development and knowledge that can be used in everyday practice. We are your partner in achieving higher cooperation and more efficient communication, reaching targets more successfully as well as having more motivated teams, more authentic executives and a higher performance!

HR consultancy

We provide overall HR consulting to support the effective competence management of organizations as well as the required surveys and assessments. We work with excellent HR consultants who are recognized professionals in this area.

HR & Labour training

The goal of our HR training schemes is to provide the HR employees with knowledge, methodology and skills that cover various fields of HR and can be put into practice immediately. Our excellent instructors share the latest practices and trends. We have designed our training to provide useful knowledge both to beginner and advanced HR associates.

We provide companies with practical training in labour law and labour affairs to ensure that they can face the many times complex, labour-related challenges more successfully.

Taxation & Financial training

Practice-oriented training with excellent instructors in taxation and financial topics for taxation and financial experts and for people not dealing with finance.

Further services