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Nova Data Protection and Labour Consultancy

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Data protection, labor audits, trainings and consulting from the best experts in the country.

Data protection and security consultancy

No one can opt out of privacy issues. Everyone is involved, every individual or company or other organization – either their data is processed, or that company / organization handles / processes the data of others.

In certain sectors and industries – especially telco, energy, financial sector – in addition to the general data protection rules, there are special regulations that deal with the specifics of the given sector.

If you, as an organization or a individual, process personal data in an automated way or are part of a registration system, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. In addition, the Info Act (Act CXII of 2011) and sectoral rules must be complied with. We always adapt the data management to the business processes of the given company. We provide full assistance not only for data protection, but also for the implementation of data security, especially, but not exclusively, in the following cases:

• we map the data management and reveal any shortcomings within the framework of the data protection audit

• we undertake workplace data management

• we map and prepare the regulations necessary for the management of customer data

• we prepare legitimate interest tests and impact assessments as required

• compliance and guarantee documents of personal data transfers, with data processors

• we create policies for the website

• we undertake data protection education


By creating data security we mean primarily physical, technical, logical and administrative security, on the basis of which, among other things, the following must be created:

• proper operation and protection of computer equipment against external attacks

• protection and recoverability of personal data in the event of a security breach (incident)

• aliasing and encrypting personal information

• increasing organizational and technical efficiency, including continuous testing of the computer system

• perform ISO 27001 audit preparation

• website testing

Performing Data Protection Officer duties

We perform the duties of a DPO (Data Protection Officer).

The appointment of a DPO is mandatory, inter alia, the main activities of the controller or processor include data management operations which, by their nature, scope and / or purpose, require regular and systematic, large-scale monitoring of data subjects, such as financial institutions, marketing companies or camera operators. The appointment of a DPO is also mandatory if the main activities of the controller or processor involve the processing of large numbers of specific categories of personal data, such as health data for private doctors and healthcare institutions. The DPO primarily provides professional advice, supervising the implementation, and may be appointed on a voluntary basis if the Client deems it important for the operation of their organization. The Data Protection Officer may not receive instructions from the controller or processor in the performance of his or her duties, and the Data Protection Officer shall be directly responsible to the top management of the organization.

Labour and labour law consultancy

We support the employment and labour law tasks of our clients on a permanent or periodic basis in connection with the following topics:

• elaboration and opinion of labour law documents,

• preparation of employment contracts,

• preparation and commenting on documents related to the termination of employment (joint agreements, dismissals),

• preparation of documents of employer instructions and measures, giving opinions,

• elaboration and opinion of employer’s regulations,

• labour law management and support of company law transformations (mergers, divisions, spin-offs),

• advising on labour law issues arising in the course of business transactions,

• elaboration, review, notification of collective agreements,

• Legal support for HR-related problems,

• legal advice on the management of certain groups of employees (prevention of equal opportunities / protected workers /, management of mobbing),

• the creation and amendment of rules related to working at home, which have developed and remain popular due to the current epidemic situation,

• in the case of working from home, teleworking can legally take place, which must be stipulated in the employment contract,

• holding labour law trainings, skill development, classes to prepare for labour inspection.


Labor audit

We provide an assessment of labour risks based on the criteria and methodology of labour inspections. We explore the critical points of labour operation through an itemized and random review of labour activity.

We make a proposal to eliminate the shortcomings discovered during the labour audit, and we perform the service of the previously incorrect labour practice.

Nova HR is not a law firm, our data protection and employment law services can be used by our clients through one of our partner law firms.

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