About us

We are a staff consulting company in Hungarian ownership, operating under the international standards, and a member of the Nova corporate group.

Nova group

Our company group consists of 3 companies.

Nova Services Plc. is an innovative IT solution provider company committed to new technologies and new IT trends. Our portfolio mostly contains full-stack developments, portal developments, and application integration projects.

Barré Technologies Plc. is a software development and solution provider company specializing in enterprise solutions, which mainly deals with enterprise content management and enterprise data asset management.

Nova Human Resources Ltd. is a personnel consulting company that offers solutions to its clients in all areas of HR.

Nova Recruitment

We have gained almost 100 years’ professional experience in HR, but our team’s average age is only one third of this. Our knowledge is specialized, our approach is client-centered, and our dynamism and energy is like a supernova.

We specialize primarily in recruiting for white-collar, intellectual and managerial positions, particularly in the fields of technical / engineering, IT, finance / accounting and office support.

Our clients are typically multinational or state-owned large companies as well as small and medium-sized firms, many of them dealing with production, trading and services.

About 60% of them are ventures in Budapest or the Pest county, but a similar distribution exists for our partners active in other parts of the country.

Our values are: positive, supportive attitude; transparency, reliability; high professional quality and humility; efficiency; speed; flexibility; Win-Win.

Nova Academy, Organization Development

During our trainings, we provide up-to-date methods and knowledge that can be immediately put into practice.

Our training range includes IT, HR, data protection, TB, labor, taxation, finance and soft skill trainings. Our corporate and open trainings, professional presentations and seminars await our current and future clients in the form of online and classroom training.

Our corporate competency development is extensive and well-structured: from individual and group competency level assessments, to the improvement of a development plan and organization and implementation of trainings based on real needs.

In addition, we are reliable partners for our clients in other areas of organizational development, such as organizational diagnostics, process improvements, structural adjustment, culture change and defining corporate values.

Our excellent trainers, lecturers, specialists and practice-oriented methodology guarantee the successful development of our clients.

Nova HR ügyvezetőnő

Jamniczky Andrea

Managing Director

NOVA HR ügyvezető

Jordán Szabolcs

Managing Director

Senior HR tanácsadás specialista

Bartha István

Senior HR consultant

Budapesti senior HR tanácsadás specialista

Király Miklós

Senior HR consultant